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ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING: Structure remained the same for 2007 with the following appointments:
  • Chairperson and fire board: Amy Anderson 657-2439
  • J.E.D.D. and police liaison: Jerry Ritch 657-2015
  • Zoning, building and grounds, and cemetery board: Randy Bergdorf 655-5698
Our clerk, Joanne Noragon may be reached at 657-2059
Road Department, Tim Tesmer and Doug Mayer at 657-2600
Zoning inspector, Paul Kaczmarski at 657-2235
ZONING: The Trustees accepted the resignation of Wes Bergdorf as secretary to both zoning boards at their February 14th meeting. Wes will remain on the zoning commission. He has served on the board for over twenty-five years and has provided a wealth of knowledge to the township. Joe Christian has resigned from our appeals board due to accepting a different position at his employment. Joe has served on this BZA through some very difficult times and we appreciate his efforts. Both of these positions are open and if you are interested please contact one of the Trustees before March 7, 2007.

ROAD DEPARTMENT: What a snowfall! Our thanks to Tim and Doug for all of their work during the recent snowfall. Township plowed roads were excellent.

J & J REFUSE CONTRACT: The Trustees signed a one year renewal on the rubbish contract with J&J.

J.E.D.D UPDATE: Jerry Ritch and Marty Griffith continue to work with the county and Cuyahoga Falls officials on the sewer line for the Route 8 Corridor. We received a request to restore Metro bus service to this area. A letter was sent to Metro Regional Transit asking to explore this option.

GARAGE AND OFFICE RENOVATIONS: Tim and Doug have been working very hard on these renovations and just about have their garage and office done. Joanne moved into her new office and work will soon begin converting the old garage into the Township meeting room and storage area. Tim has many of the old pictures and memorabilia from the Lock 32 store on the walls. Stop in and see the renovations.