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To the Boston Township Trustees:

We want to thank Amy Anderson for her one vote against permitting the Fall Challenge Bicycle Road Race. It is difficult at times to come and go from our residence. Our taxes are now up to $6,646.98 per year for the township and county. We could avoid these taxes by selling to the Department of the Interior but we do not believe in the government owning one third of the country as they now do. We do not want to try to navigate around bicycles, runners, horses and the nearby valley church goers when we try to use our local roads. The valley church stops us for their memberís ingress and egress; stop the members for our ingress and egress, please.

When we are stopped we always get out of our car and ask these users if we can see their permit to block the roads. They never have one. They always say the park told them they could do whatever they are doing or they tell us to go around the block! How many miles is that? One told us to talk to my councilman.

If these activities are such a great thing, they should take place in the communities where the bicyclists, joggers, and horsemen live. Detours in those communities are a matter of a few blocks, not the several miles such as when our roads are shut down.

So far as we know, the park contributes nothing to our road maintenance, fire, and rescue, yet they appear to have more authority than township residents who do pay taxes here.

Many of your constituents have told me that they are bothered by cyclists who ride two or more abreast, causing danger to themselves and also the car that has to pass them. On Chagrin River Road, in Hunting Valley there are signs telling them to ride single file. Can we not have some such signs here? We are tired of it all.

Marty and Marilyn Griffith