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CONDOLENCES: The Trustees expressed condolences to the Bishop family on the passing of Bob Bishop.

ROAD DEPARTMENT ACTIVITY: The Wetmore Road chip and seal project has been completed as has a culvert replacement on Woodland.

JEDD AND PLANNING: the Trustees will be meeting with Ken Crandall to update our zoning needs.

SUMMIT FREEWHEELERS: Dennis Osowski, representing this bicycling group, presented an event schedule for the remained of the year. Mr. Osowski was seeking permission for these events that used roads in the Township. In a 2-1 vote approval was given for these events with the exception of a request involving Boston Mills Road.

RESOLUTION: The Trustees approved a vehicle and equipment use policy and a travel and expense reimbursement policy.

CEMETERY: Several months ago the Trustees voted to increase the inside milage to the cemetery by .5 mils. This request was formally sent to the Budget Commission. Cemetery funding appears on your tax bill from the Summit County Auditor’s office. To give you an idea of how much this will increase your taxes we found a tax bill with an appraised value of $103,000. This person currently pays $15.86 per year. The increase would make it $31.72.

TRUCK SALE: Thanks to Tim Tesmer and Doug Mayer. Their auction efforts brought in $8,700.00 on the sale of our old truck.

USEFUL TELEPHONE NUMBERS: To contact our clerk, Joanne Noragon, or one of the Trustees call 330-657-2059. The Trustees may also be reached at their homes:

Amy Anderson – 330-657-2439

Randy Bergdorf – 330-655-5698

Jerry Ritch – 330-657-2015

For the road department or zoning issues call 330-657-2600.

TOWNSHIP MEETINGS: Boston Township Trustees meet the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:00PM in the old service garage.