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Not expecting much, and just to please an old school friend, I recently went to a genealogy seminar at the Alliance of Poles auditorium in Cleveland. I found was a whole new and powerful area of research, through DNA sampling, of human migrations from the start of civilization in Africa, its movement northward to Europe and Asia, east over the Bering Straits and into North America. National Geographic is spear heading this research which can reach back several thousand years. The data base is helpful in locating other individuals with exactly the same DNA. Here are some web sites which have more information on this subject: and

National Geographic provided door prizes of DNA kits and I won one of them. It was one of those bubble envelopes and inside were three small plastic rakes and three vials of preservative. On three consecutive days, you scrape vigorously the insides of your cheeks, break off the rake end and put it in the preservative, and send it all through the mail.

About three weeks later, the results came in. The data base showed only one other sample in the data base that matched my DNA, and that was a female native American living in the Ontario part of Canada. . . . .

And now, getting back to daily life again, Dawn liquid detergent does a good job of flea control on household pets. A weak solution, sprayed on plant bugs is also effective.

Watering plants in a dry season like this is tricky. If you give them a sprinkle regularly, you encourage the roots to reach up for moisture. When this happens, the roots get zapped by the heat and dryness the next day.

When you water, water deeply. This encourages the roots to reach down where they have a better chance of finding moisture, and roots are protected from the temperatures above.

Late July and early August are a good time to start a fall garden. Itís too late for tomatoes, but lettuce, beans, fall peas, mustard greens, and radishes can do fine. The fall garden has the advantage of more rain, and fewer insects. Donít throw away seeds from this year as being too old. Remember that tomato seeds found in the pyramids germinated when planted. Of course not all seeds are that virile.

Lily Fleder