It is said that the
world is in a state
of bankruptcy, that the
world owes the world
more than the
world can pay.

Ralph Waldo

November 2008 VOLUME 25 NUMBER 11

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November 2008 meeting:

The Garbage Bids were opened at this month’s council meeting – Council will take action at the December meeting. Republic Waste and J&J were the two companies bidding this year. By the way, if you need a recycle bin, call the village hall or service department. We have a few here and can get more.

The first reading of the Employee Handbook ordinance was put forth, with input from two employees regarding overtime and holidays.

When asked about the coming year’s budget, I don’t have a crystal ball to predict what will happen in 2009, other than our utility bills will increase and that we will need to replace police cruisers and repair road equipment. One certainty I can tell you is that a reduction in Federal taxes will eventually mean a reduction in the revenues received by the village. I hope as a village that we will continue to operate wisely and keep our expenditures reasonable.

The Charter Committee will be meeting on Friday, December 5. 2008 at 7:00 pm at the Village Hall. Anyone interested in serving on that committee should attend. Section 2.03 of the Zoning Ordinance has been corrected, and a copy of page 2-2 is available at the village hall.

A reminder to anyone who would like to receive the agendas and/or minutes of meetings: please email me with your request, and I will add you to the list.

December Meetings:
Planning Commission – December 2, 2008 - 7:00pm
Council Meeting – December 8, 2008 - 7:00pm
Board of Zoning Appeals – December 11, 2008 - 7:00pm
Check the Library, Post Office, Village Hall, Terry Lumber or Quarry for other meetings and postings.

Village Hall hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm daily except holidays and weekends.
330-657-2151 – Mayor and administration
330-657-2714 – Clerk Treasurer and Zoning Inspector
330-657-2089 – Service Department
330-657-2995 – Police Department
330-657-2911 – Non-Emergency Police and Fire Dispatch

Pamela S. Burda, Clerk Treasurer