November 2010 VOLUME 27 NUMBER 11

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CVNP SUPERINTENDENT VISITS: Trustee Amy Anderson arranged for a surprise visit by CVNP Superintendent, Stan Austin, accompanied by Deputy Supt. Paul Stoehr at the October 27th township meeting. Anderson stated she anticipated the good working relationship the trustees had with Paul Stoehr to continue with the new administration.

COUNTY ENGINEER’S VISIT: County Engineer Alan Brubaker also attended the October 27th meeting. The Trustees expressed displeasure with the handling of a closure on Boston Mills Road for a Porsche rally. County Engineer Brubaker told those attending the meeting that Boston Mills Road was a county road and he had the power to close the road if he wished without township notification or approval. Brubaker also stated that he was applying for grants to improve roads within the park boundaries that may use road right of way property to widen the existing roads. The trustees expressed concerns about the interests of the property owners in the township. They cited the improvements on Kendall Park done through former County Engineer Greg Bachman as having little impact on the homeowners.

LEAF PICKUP: Leaf pick up continues until December 5. Place leaves at the curb but away from obstructions such as mailboxes.

SHARE-A-CHRISTMAS: The Trustees will be sponsoring Share-A-Christmas for those in need in our community. Drop off boxes will be that the Library, Terry Lumber, and the Township Hall. Delivery will be December 18th.

POLICE CONTRACT: The current policing contract with Peninsula expires December 31, 2010. The Trustees are accepting proposals for this service.

WEBSITE: Visit our website at to find up to date Township information.

Contact numbers for the trustees: Amy Anderson: 330-657-2439, Randy Bergdorf: 330-655-5698, and Jerry Ritch: 330-657-2015. Fiscal Officer Joanne Noragon: 330-657-2059, Road Department Tim Tesmer and Doug Mayer: 330-657-2600, and Zoning inspector, Larry Sulzer: 330-657-2135.