Iíd rather regret
the things I have done
than the things I havenít.

Lucille Ball
June 2012 VOLUME 29 NUMBER 6

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MEMORIAL DAY: Our thanks to Patty Tesmer for all of her hard work to make the Memorial Day Parade a success. Special thanks to Jack Mercer for coordinating the ceremonies and Russ, Tammy and Andrew Shaffer for making Cedar Grove and Boston Cemeteries look beautiful, and an enormous thank you to Peninsula Mayor, Doug Mayer for participating in the Boston portion of the cemetery. We also thank Cornerstone Family Church most sincerely for their hospitality and refreshments.

ROAD VACATIONS: The Trustees attended another public hearing on June 11, 2012 before Summit County Council regarding the vacation of Stanford, Wetmore and Oak Hill Roads. Council has approved the vacation of Stanford Road. The vacation of Wetmore and Oak Hill will be revisited in 60-90 days. Our thanks to Ray Hach for attending this hearing and testifying.

ROAD CLOSURE: Following a request to the Summit County Engineer for assistance in closing one lane of roadway on Oak Hill Road between the Covered Bridge and the Everett Road connector, the Trustees were advised to close the entire roadway. A portion of the roadway is falling into Furnace Run. The road will remain closed until further notice.

PARKING LOT: The Township Hall parking lot improvements are now striped and completed. Thank you to Jim Hammond for his assistance.

WEBSITE: Visit our website at www.bostontownship.org to find up-to-date Township information.

Contact numbers for the trustees: Amy Anderson: 330-657-2439, Randy Bergdorf: 330-655-5698, and Jerry Ritch: 330-657-2015, Fiscal Officer Joanne Noragon: 330-657-2059, Road Department Tim Tesmer and Doug Mayer: 330-657-2600, and Zoning inspector, Larry Sulzer: 330-657-2135.