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For those of you new to this issue, please know that the Boston Township trustees have been moving forward towards providing the first phase of sanitary sewer services along Seasons and Akron-Cleveland roads to improve the tax base of the township, attract new development and jobs, and improve our environment.

At stake is the long-term survival of our township. Remember Northampton Township?

The first phase involves Seasons Road and Akron-Cleveland Road as far North as Suncrest Gardens.

Initial cost estimates were around $1,500,000 with the City of Cuyahoga Falls share being around $500,000, and $1,000,000 for the township.

After extensive field work and planning, the estimated costs are projected at $1,224,793, a figure that is substantially less than the original estimate.

Most of the cost of the improvement will be borne by assessing those who directly benefit from it, namely property owners on or near Seasons and Akron-Cleveland Roads. After construction of the sewer, they will be able to discontinue use of septic systems and other on-site treatment facilities. The assessments may possibly be spread over 20 to 30 years.

Business users will pay the lionís share of the costs, and single family residential users will pay substantially less.

To reduce the burden on property owners further, the trustees are seeking funding from other sources, and these sources may include low interest or no interest loans from other governmental agencies.

The Akron-Cleveland Road Corridor is our major gateway, and it is the face of our township for most people. New development and jobs will not come without necessary infrastructure such as sanitary sewers, and the future of our township depends on it.

Marty Griffith