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When I was a child, I announced to my parents that I was asking the Tooth Fairy to bring us a million dollars for the tooth I would put under my pillow that evening. Needless to say I was so disappointed when I only found a dime the next morning. Children’s fantasies are usually cast aside as a person matures, or so I thought. Unfortunately, last week a majority of American voters cast ballots for the party of Santa Claus.

The clueless half of the electorate decided that it is the job of the government to be Santa Claus; to keep providing endless gifts to the “poor”, those who can’t or won’t work. Let the “rich” pay their “fair share”. One major problem with this is that the government is broke and living on a credit line we will never be able to pay off. How long will it be before “rich” is redefined as anyone having a house, a car, or a 401K?

For the last 4 years, those of us who were paying attention have come to learn what President Barack Hussein Obama meant by “hope and change” and “fundamental transformation”: high unemployment, home foreclosures, rising gas prices, suffocating regulations, massive wasteful spending, gigantic debt, and a federal government takeover of our health care system which will lead to rationing. And Obama promises us that the best is yet to come. That should terrify everyone who has a clue about what is really going on.

We probably just missed the last opportunity to save America from destruction, or should I say “fundamental transformation”. Government can neither be the Tooth Fairy nor Santa Claus.

At least, the voters in Peninsula were wise enough to again defeat the income tax increase. Maybe our local politicians will eventually figure out we need to cut expenses, not raise revenue. Fantasy?

John Dooley