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Please remember to shop Peninsula first when doing your Christmas shopping. Unique gifts may be found at Suncrest Gardens, Terry Lumber, Elements Gallery, Log Cabin Gallery, Le Seraglio, and Yellow Creek Trading Company. Donít forget the Handcrafted for the Holidays shopping boutique at the G.A.R. Hall on December 8 from 10:00am-4:00pm. Fresh Christmas trees can be purchased at Heritage Farms and Suncrest Garden Center.

Speaking of Christmas trees, we lost three rather large pine trees during the recent storms. Anyone needing pine branches help yourself at 6780 Riverview. Just leave the scraps, I have a feeling we will be renting a chipper.

The passing of Bob Miller brought back a wealth of memories for my brother, Mike Zorena. Back when he, Mike Miller and Kenny Chessar were in the fourth grade there was no organized baseball in Peninsula. My dad, Mike Jr. and Bob found a team in Northampton that was coached by Tom Miller and John Dunn. The three boys became members of the Northampton Medics. The local organization of baseball was just getting started and Jack Forbes worked with the Northampton group to form the Boston Northampton Baseball Association. The next year the boys played on the first Peninsula Python team.

My brother remembered dad, Bob, Dude Lee, and a few volunteers hand removed sod and burned off grass to form the fields at what is now the Woodridge Intermediate School. Dirt was hauled in to form the infields; backstops and benches were constructed and Peninsula had new fields.

While dad and Bob became good friends, Bobís daughter Lynda Logan remembered our moms, Alyce and Ange, became fast friends.

Both men continued to be active in baseball, with my dad umpiring until he died in 1975. The following year a plaque was placed on the western field honoring his efforts. Tom Morehouse constructed the base and Reverend Benedict officiated over his first ball field dedication.

Lynda said she approached the Woodridge Recreation Association about placing a plaque on the backstop that would honor her father. This spring a plaque will be added next to my dadís. There is really no more fitting place.

Amy Z. Anderson