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You did it again! This year was another high for the traditional Election Day Dinner. Peninsula Methodist Church members together with people from inside and outside the community served 487 meals, including 190 carry-outs. We thank all the people who helped make this possible. Preparation for the dinner started on Monday when Wilma Riggins, Ione Cook, Betty and Phil Criss, Elaine Krusinski and Claire Rodhe met with Mary Booth and Betty Reinhart to chop and sauté 50 lbs. of onions and 45 bunches of celery for the stuffing and sauté 15 lbs of bacon for the green beans.

A special thanks to turkey baker Barb Morehouse who has baked for many years. This year Barbara Gedeon, Sheila Martin and Daryl Kubilus joined the ranks of the bakers. Also thanks to Melanie Chaney and Pat Simon who both baked two turkeys. Barb Solis again returned the most handsomely carved bird. All baked goods are donated. We thank everyone who baked and contributed pies and other goodies.

Special thanks this year to Liz and Annie Matusz and Mary K. Feterle, Jurate Balas and, of course, Ed Alexander for his usual six pies. Nancy James worked tirelessly with helper Claire Rodhe during lunch and dinner to make sure there was a wide selection to choose from.

The kitchen staff varies from year to year. We would like to mention Gertrude Thiel who has the honor of being the oldest and longest turkey server at the dinner. Liz Morgan joined the lunch servers Heather Johnston and Norma Preneta this year, assisted by Phil Criss on the coffee. We would like to thank our faithful trio of dinner servers Norma Preneta, Natalie Mitchell and Dee Holody, assisted by Carleen Perez. The potato station was manned this year at lunch by Betty Criss, assisted by Dawn Burke and at dinner by Heather Johnston assisted by Tammi Reinhart. The gravy was made at both sessions by Elaine Krusinski and the stuffing again was made by Betty Reinhart and Mary Booth. Karen Walters worked both sessions and Sylvia Trundle again served the green beans and turnips at the dinner. Speaking of turnips, Ione Cook once again donated 75 lbs of this savory little dish.

The most important job this year was the carry-outs. Newcomers to the serving staff, Jane Lemmo and Woody and Peg Johnston single-handedly served 190 carry-out dinners. They did a fantastic job. Nobody had to wait more than a few minutes for their food. The very important job of dishwashing saw some new faces at the sink. Linda Filing and Jeff Miller, assisted by Lois Bradford washed and dried at lunch and again Kim Ellis and her son Nick and Sharon Collins did the dinner dishes. The boy scouts of troup 371 were on the scene with their scout masters for clean-up. A special thanks to Sue Black who stayed until the last pot was washed. Greg Preneta again sold tickets and helped arrange seating as well as baking a turkey.

Thanks to you who sent in cash donations to help pay for the food. Thanks to John, Jett and Rory Johnston who helped carry the food into the church and a special thanks to Thalia Johnston who did her Irish dancing for the people waiting to enter the dining room at lunch.

But the hero of the day was Walter Bevan without whom the dinner could not have happened. We were having some technical problems and Walter was able to solve them. Thanks to everyone who came to eat or bought a carry-out.

The Election Day Dinner Committee decided we could reach 500 dinners next year with your help. Let’s try.

Betty Reinhart