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Pay Station Technology – May 13 at 6:30

In July 2012, the Planning Commission unanimously recommended the purchase of a Digital Systems Luke II Pay Station to be installed in downtown Peninsula to service the 50 parking spaces that line Rt. 303, Akron-Peninsula Rd, and Locust Street. Some interesting facts that helped form the recommendation:

 ·  We currently have 50 spaces located on Rt. 303, A/P Road, and Locust St.
 ·  ONE pay station will service all 50 parking spaces, instead of 50 individual parking meters
 ·  Revenue estimates were based on charging $1/hr for 12 billable hours per day, 6 days a week.
 ·  If spaces are used only 25% of the time, net revenues are estimated at $37k (after the first year)
 ·  If the spaces are used 50% of the time, net revenues are estimated to be $77k (after the first year)
 ·  For an example, let’s use an average - In order to generate $57k of revenue through our current 1% tax rate, we would need Peninsula residents to earn an extra $5,700,000 in income each year. That’s right….. $5.7 MILLION additional salaries! Do you see that happening any time soon? I don’t.
 · It’s a GREEN machine! – solar powered, no expense for hard wiring.
 ·  Residents park for free with a “Peninsula Resident” sticker.

At the April 8 Council meeting, legislation was introduced to purchase the Luke II system and will be voted on after the third reading at the June 2013 regular Council meeting. In addition to the purchase of the station, the Commission also proposed that Council reserve half of the net revenues from the Pay Station for future planning, infrastructure, and beautification. Half needs to go to the General Fund to help with our budgets, but half should be held for improvements. Projects to consider that the Pay Station could help fund:

 ·  Planning – No surprises here….we still have work to do on the entire parking, pedestrian movement, and traffic issues. First priority - Village Comprehensive Parking Plan.

 · Infrastructure – Extend our sidewalks to venues that matter to the residents. First priority - Heritage Farms, The Quarry, and Brandywine Golf Course and Wine Bar. Install “stone” crosswalks at our two intersections to help slow traffic.

 · Beautification – Let’s add to the beauty of the Village with artsy bike racks, resting benches, picnic tables and a picnic area, flowers, nicer signage, and the list goes on.

The Pay Station is one way for the Village to generate revenue from the visitors instead of always turning to the residents. J

Questions are always welcome - Dee Holody