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In going through old papers, I came across the following: It was hand printed, and titled “ Odds And End” and showed up in the 70’s. I use the original language and spelling, unless it interferes with understanding.


“ Before Peninsula had paved streets we had medison shows. An old Indian with his horse and wagon came to town selling his cures.. He parked in front of the Seeley Hotel. He was very sad to see people disstroying what we call weeds sush as Dandlion, Planton, etc. “ Some Day,” he said, “It will all be gone.” As I see it he was not too far from being right.

Later on we would have circuses. Visiting Peninsula, they set up at the old school across from Bigelow’s and where Helen Conger Home now stands. Boys got jobs watering horses and elephants for a pass to the show.

Peninsula had to be the first to have outdoor movies A fellow named McDogol would set up between Billings and the Old hotel. Later, next to to the old Jail House.

The G>A>R> Hall ( Stands for: Grand Army of the Republic) was a place of many things such as movies, basketball, dances, stage shows, revile (revival) meetings, Veteran meetings. “ Now a Dinning Hall.” (stet)

Lily Fleder