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To the Editors:

I would like to urge the residents of Peninsula to attend the next council meeting on May 13, 2013 and call for an immediate dismissal for the motion made by Brian Schall and approved by Councilmen Dan Schneider and Doug Anderson to reduce Road Dept. employee Skip Ausperk's hours from full time to part time. The motivation behind this sudden and random motion is questionable since it is clear that Mr. Ausperk's hours were approved as part of the Village's budget. Since his hiring in July 2012 his performance has been exemplary and the Village has NEVER LOOKED BETTER!

Call it as it really is, this action taken by these individuals of council is a deliberate undermining of village leadership, unprofessional and an embarrassment to read (in the West Side Leader) again and again, of their behavior. The use of profanity during these meetings is inexcusable.

We were all standing a little taller with Peninsula winning Best Hometown Ohio award. Don't let these members of Council demean it.

Catherine Mayer