In the truest sense,
freedom cannot
be bestowed;
it must be achieved.

Franklin D. Roosevelt
June 2013 VOLUME 30 NUMBER 6

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PUBLIC HEARING: A public hearing was held on June 12, 2013 regarding the proposed JEDD with Peninsula. The Trustees thanked Mayor Douglas Mayer for attending the hearing. Following the hearing and in regular session the Trustees voted to accept the JEDD agreement with Peninsula.

ZONING: There are still alternate positions available for both zoning boards. Please contact one of the Trustees if you are interested. The Trustees reappointed Joe Orahoske to the Board of Zoning Appeals. The term expires June 3, 2018.

MEMORIAL DAY THANKS: The Trustees thanked Patty Tesmer for once again coordinating the event. Our Road Department employees did a wonderful job making sure everything on our corner looked great. Thanks to the Cornerstone Church for providing food and beverages before the march to the Boston Cemetery.

THANK YOU: Special thanks to Doug Mayer for coordinating a Community Pot Luck the Sunday before Memorial Day. We hope this becomes an annual event.

CONGRATULATIONS: Congratulations to Valley Fire District Lieutenant Nick Zamiska. Nick is a full-time member of the Brecksville Fire Department and was recently promoted to a Lieutenant on their department.

J&J LARGE RECYCLE CONTAINERS: By now Township residents should have received the new larger recycle containers. Our thanks to Joanne Noragon and her grandchildren for sending out the information letter to all Township households regarding this service.

HAZARDOUS WASTE RECYCLING: The hazardous waste recycling center located at 1201 Graham Road will be open Thursdays from June 6 to September 26 from 2:00PM until 8:00PM. For more information go to

BRUSH PICKUP: Will continue on the first Monday of the month.

WEBSITE: Visit our website at to find up-to-date Township information.

Contact numbers for the trustees: Amy Anderson: 330-657-2439, Randy Bergdorf: 330-655-5698, and Jerry Ritch: 330-657-2015, Fiscal Officer Joanne Noragon: 330-657-2059, Road Department Tim Tesmer and Doug Mayer: 330-657-2600, and Zoning inspector, Larry Sulzer: 330-657-2135.