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You saved your wood ash from the fireplace didn't you? So now you can add it to your garden or to various plantings, so they can benefit from that kind of soil enrichment. But be aware that coal and charcoal ash do not help your garden; they can harm. Only wood ash does. Mix it into the soil around your favorite plantings.

There is good news on the restoration front. Ronda Russell, proprietor of the Downtown Emporium, had a birthday recently which was celebrated by neighbors and friends who gave her a gift which was very dear to her. Instead of package gifts, they all gave toward the proposed slate roof on the old school house and reached the amount needed. The goal has been met and the new slate roof will soon be in place. Old slates will be available as souvenirs. . . .

Jordan Wessel, an accomplished pianist, will be graduating soon, and available to provide sing - along music for children's parties. Those of Polish heritage might be interested in a new shop in Richfield. It is on route 21, south of the village, at 2421 North Cleveland Massillon Rd. It features beautifully made folk pottery. Their phone number is 330-835-7151. A friend let me pick out a piece for my birthday, and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Available for adoption are three beautiful tiger-striped kittens at 5964 Center Street. They are weaned and ready for more T L C. and are returnable if it does not work out for you.

Lily Fleder