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I would like to thank the residents that voted for the 1% income tax levy. I would also like to thank Boston Township for passing the Economic Area District, were looking forward to developing our new relationship.

Lots of things are developing within Peninsula, the largest and most concerning, is the wastewater. The wastewater concerns have been brought to our attention by multiple agencies. These concerns are mainly for the Historic/Multi Use District.

As the Mayor and having the ultimate responsibility for zoning concerns within the Village, my staff and I are offering a workshop on November 25, 2013, at 6:00 pm. at the Village Hall. This workshop will be one of many to inform residents and business owners of the progress.

Once again, our efforts have been to improve the Village as a whole. Your participation and communication is always welcomed and needed, feel free to call me at 330-657-2151.

Douglas G. Mayer, Mayor