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The names “Peninsula”, “Boston”, and “Valley” show up in many different ways and it is often confusing. We all frequent the Peninsula Library, but are you aware there are many components to the library? The Peninsula Library Foundation is an ongoing 501C-3 that is there to help make sure the library exists for future generations. There is also the Friends of the Library who provide book sales, the Bizarre Bazaar as well as many extras for library patrons. The Carole Wright fund provides children’s programming, Christmas Crafts and many opportunities for our young people. The Cuyahoga Valley Museum is also part of the Library and it is located in the old Boston Township School. This ever changing exhibit provides a look at our past and is a very worthwhile home for pictures you may have of our community. Copies could be made if you don’t want to part with an original. This museum, under the direction of Randy Bergdorf, will preserve our history for future generations.

The Robert Hunker Foundation has been renamed the Peninsula Foundation. This group is home to the GAR Hall and the Bronson Church as well as many other buildings that are rented out in Peninsula.

The Boston Township Hall Committee is another non-profit that manages the Boston Township Hall and old Boston Township School. While housing some offices it is also available to rent for special occasions. It is under their management that a new slate roof is being installed.

Last but not least would be our governmental entities of the Village of Peninsula and Boston Township. Neither is affiliated with the above mentioned groups with the exception of the lease agreement the township has with the hall committee.