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The Buzz Book is a great little resource guide available at many area retailers. The following article was written by former resident Tracy Bishop Haver and is reprinted with permission from publisher Mitch Crawford:

Summer is always a great time of year in Northeast Ohio and one of the best places a person could grow up in is Peninsula, Ohio.

Along with learning in the public school system, I received most of my education about life just by living every day “down in the valley.” Back then, there was no national park and we were free to just roam the Cuyahoga River valley.

My nature lessons included catching crayfish in the gully, swimming with occasional snakes and fish in the Quarry, walking along 303 while admiring the multitude of Tiger Lilies, and lying in the grass, looking up at the blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds and framed by green pine trees.

My history lessons came from wandering through the Cedar Grove Cemetery with all its stories to tell on headstones from hundreds of years ago, visiting the Peninsula Library with its depiction of the mysterious Python on its building, and talking with people who had lived there ‘forever’.

I am grateful for all those ‘forever’ people who remain faithful residents, keeping the old Peninsula and its memories alive and growing. --TH