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Can you believe it? Twelve years of beautiful parade weather (2013 some rain for the last half hour in Boston).

I hope you liked the parades as much as I did. We get bigger every year.

Thank you everyone, itís wonderful to have so many people helping us. Jack Mercer and the Boy Scouts leading us, the Woodridge band always great, all of the car and tractor divers, the clergy, the veterans, our beautiful and faithful Valley Fire Department, police department and Boston Church.

A most sincere that you to the folks from Northampton Methodist Church for stepping in and doing the job of hot dogs and drinks before we head to Boston Cemetery. It was a very big undertaking.

Hope you all enjoyed the surprise marchers. Paul Huff and the Civil War group from Cleveland.

As always thank you to our grounds keepers for both cemeteries. Russ Shaffer, Tammy Rodhe Shaffer, and Andrew Shaffer. Everything was beautifully manicured. I canít fail to mention our other helpers Amy Anderson, Tim Tesmer, Debra Ragnovski, Marilyn Hansen, Gretchen Gallimore, and Jerry Ritch.

Thank you for your hard work and hope to see all of you next year.

Patty Tesmer