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We don't appreciate the wonderful country we live in, nor do we appreciate the people who keep our village and township running. They run leaner and meaner than you know, compared with larger and more distant governmental entities.

I hope you never have an emergency in your home, but an emergency is what it took for me to understand how alone you can feel at that time, and how your problem can sometimes bring out the best in others.

A family member needed immediate care, and was hospitalized. The care needed was not forthcoming at the hospital.

So what do you do?

We talked with a trustee, and within a few hours, our local rescue squad moved our family member to another hospital that provided the necessary care, and our family member was later released. Then it was time for therapy. We needed a wheelchair plus other equipment.

Again, our rescue squad provided the wheelchair, and other residents helped us.

We never felt alone because we knew our township and neighbors were there for us.

A good way to become a real part of your community is to go to a trustee or council meeting, then, perhaps, to a zoning commission or appeals board meeting. See your community news for times. That way you can get a feel for it without committing yourself. Either way, it will be a rewarding experience, and I'm sure you can contribute.

If the people who live in a community will not volunteer to help, it won't be much of a community

Marty Griffith