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We would like to thank pastor Claudia Britton, Lea Mahan, Lynn Parmentier, Grant Murphy, Greg and Norma Preneta the Peninsula United Methodist Church family, Carlean, Kim Hammond, Roberta Conroy, Charlene Cooper, Cindy Gallagher, and Total Body Fitness family, Peninsula Garden Club, Renay Sanders, Dave Calaway, Mark and Katie Deering, Dee Holody and Rocky Pritchard, Jon and Leslie Hampshire, Mike and Tori Marz, dear friends of Boston Township and Peninsula communities for the memorial service, reception, food, flowers, cards and expressions of sympathy on the passing of our mother, Molly Peterson.

Our hearts are filled with grief and loss, but with the love of this beautiful community, I feel my mother's spirit everywhere I go. She loved Boston Township and Peninsula.

A Sincere Thank You To All,

Natalie Mitchell, Matthew Peterson & Jennifer Igoe