Failures are finger
posts on the road
to achievement.

C.S. Lewis
June 2017 VOLUME 34 NUMBER 6

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The township minutes are posted on our website at and outside the fiscal office at the Boston Township Hall. Trustee meetings are the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. Zoning commission meets the second Tuesday of the month and the Board of Zoning Appeals meets the fourth Wednesday of the month.

Fiscal Officer: Township Fiscal Officer Joanne Noragon resigned her position in May. The Trustees voted to accept her resignation, with regret, at the meeting held on May 10. Those interested to apply for the position on an interim basis were asked to submit a letter of interest by the meeting held on June 14. The trustees received one letter, from the acting Deputy Fiscal Officer Catherine Anson. At the June 14 meeting, the Trustees voted to appoint Catherine Anson as the Fiscal Officer of Boston Township. We thank Joanne for her thirteen years of service to the community and offer her our best wishes. We also welcome Catherine and look forward to working with her in the future.

Zoning Updates: The Zoning Commission voted to remove the section of the zoning ordinance allowing accessory buildings to be used as quarters for hired help (section 501 4a). A request was submitted to the Summit County Planning Commission for their review and any non-binding suggestions. The Board of Zoning Appeals will be hearing an appeal from Daniel Bridle regarding his property at 5649 Akron-Cleveland Rd. at their meeting on June 27 at 6:30pm. Also, the Trustees have contracted with Mark Majewski of North Star Planning to help the Zoning Commission draft changes to the zoning ordinance based on the JEDD Corridor Analysis that he prepared. Any changes to the zoning

ordinance will require a hearing of both the Zoning Commission and the Township Trustees. Zoning Inspector: At the Trustees meeting held on June 14, Zoning Inspector Doug Mayer resigned from his duties as Zoning Inspector. No action was taken at the meeting, but the Trustees agreed to take his request under advisement.

Memorial Day: The Trustees would like to thank all those who do so much to make Memorial Day a fitting testament to our Veterans and active service members. This honored and most important day could not happen without the contributions of so many people and organizations. Particularly, we would like to thank Patty Tesmer for her many years of coordinating our parades and to Jack Mercer for impeccably conducting the services in the cemeteries.

WEBSITE: Visit our Website at to find up-to-date Township information. Contact numbers for the trustees: Amy Anderson: 330-657-2439, Randy Bergdorf: 330-655-5698, and Jerry Ritch: 330-657-2015; Fiscal Officer Joanne Noragon: 330-657-2059; Road Department: Ron Adams: 330-657-2600; and Zoning Inspector, Doug Mayer at 330-657-2601 or 234-900-9145.