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Village of Peninsula Council December 15, 2017 Council Meeting. [ Note: The regularly scheduled Council meeting for Monday December 11, 2017 was rescheduled for Friday December 15, 2017 due to Council members out sick and lack of quorum.]

Resolutions passed:
  • 23-2017 Resolution establishing the Village Wastewater Service District [passed unanimously]
  • 24-2017 Ordinance establishing Chapter 931 of the codified ordinances relating to a Village Wastewater Service District monthly sewer fee [passed unanimously]
  • 35-2017 Resolution authorizing the mayor and Fiscal officer to renew the Village Agreement with the Legal Defenders Office of Summit County, Ohio for indigent representation in the Stow Municipal Court [passed unanimously]
  • 36-2017 Resolution authorizing holiday bonuses for certain categories of full-time, part-time, and auxiliary employees. [Note: this resolution was amended to remove the minimum 400 hours worked per year. Ordinance with amendment passed unanimously]
  • 37-2017 Resolution to make temporary appropriations for current expenses and other expenditures of the Village for the period January 1, 2018 through March 31, 2018. [passed unanimously]
  • 39-2017 Resolution supporting the Peninsula Foundation`s efforts to obtain funding from the State of Ohio Capital Appropriations bill for fiscal years 2019 and 2020 to improve the ADA accessibility of the G.A.R. Hall. [passed unanimously]

Service Department: Council approved our seasonal employees, Dave Morehouse and Doug Aspenwall, for another 6-month term.

Wastewater Update: Ordinance 23-2017 and 24-2017 establishes our Village Wastewater District and a monthly sewer fee of $15 per month per user, and will begin starting April 2018. Establishing both the Wastewater District and a monthly sewer fee is a requirement when applying for funding as we take our next steps towards a Village wastewater solution. Residents who would like to verify if they are within the Wastewater Service District and subject to the monthly sewer fee starting April 2018, please contact Fiscal Officer, John Stiegel at 330-657-2151.

Council President, Dan Schneider: Mr. Schneider gave a "Thank you!" to all of Council for the many projects and initiatives that Council has accomplished these last few years. Mr. Schneider gave special acknowledgement to: Mike Matusz on his efforts for the Service Department and his special efforts on the resurfacing of Stine Road, Carol Kramer for her work on the Employee Handbook revisions and the Long Range Plan Committee, Dee Holody and Mary Booth for their work on the Village wastewater initiative and with ODOT to replace our sandstone sidewalks, and Pam Schneider for her continued support of the Village Police Department and their needs. Mayor Mayer and Village Council send you all warm wishes for a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Contact Phone Numbers:
Non-emergency Police and Fire 330-657-2911
Mayor's Office 330-657-2151
Fiscal Office/Zoning 330-657-2714
Service (Road) Department 330-657-2089

Check the website Library, Post Office, Village Hall, Terry Lumber, and the Fire Station for postings.

John D. Steigel, Fiscal Officer