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This is in answer to "Woodridge Seeking Passage of Levy" as published in the current issue of the West Side Leader.

Is our school board part of the solution, or part of the problem? Get ready to dig into your pockets. If you vote yes on Issue 5, it will cost the owner of a $100,000 home $286.65 per year for four years, but that's not the main issue.

Our representatives on our school board are at least part of the problem. The main issue is that these same people will continue the poor planning that has created this emergency for our schools.

When we commented on this subject in October, we predicted that our school board would threaten us with cuts in service.

In November, Woodridge voters defeated a similar proposal with 57% of the total vote. Our school board ignored that. But our prediction has now come to pass, and the emergency is here.

Woodridge Local School District Treasurer Tom Morehouse recently said "If the (emergency) levy does not pass, we will be forced to reduce services to children more and more. We will be looking at what is required by state law and what we provide additionally. At some point, the state will come in and take control of the district, losing any local control our community has." Think about that for a moment. Is this the kind of planning that is a good example for our children? Our school board is at least part of our problem, not part of the solution.

Is the board thinking that they will win this time because we will be too busy to vote?

On the Tuesday, May 8 Primary Election, please vote no on the five year $4 million dollar "emergency" levy, and disappoint the people who think you won't show up.

Say no again. Lets not throw good money after bad.

Marty and Marilyn Griffith