The most important asset
of any library
goes home at night —
the library staff.

Timothy Healy
May 2018 VOLUME 35 NUMBER 5

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The township minutes are posted on our website at and outside the fiscal office at the Boston Township Hall. Trustee meetings are the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. Zoning commission meets the second Tuesday of the month and the Board of Zoning Appeals meets the fourth Wednesday of the month.

Condolences: The Trustees expressed condolences on the passing of our friend, Bob Brunswick. Bob was a Peninsula councilman for sixteen years and he was a founding member of the Boston Township Hall Committee. This group was responsible for the restoration of the old school building and the township hall.

Road Department: As part of a group discounted purchase, the township has contracted with Summit County to stripe the following roads this year: Oak Hill, Major and Hines Hill. Due to a possible repaving this year, Stine Rd. will be done at a later date. The total cost of the striping will be $4,795. As always, the road department will be around to chip branches but you can let them know that you need chipping by leaving a message at (330) 657-2600.

Township Hall News: The Boston Township Hall Committee (BTHC), which oversees the care and management of the township hall, is working to replace the fire/smoke/heat detection system in the buildings. Unexpectedly, the manufacturer of the current system has decided not to make replacement parts. The new system for the historic buildings will cost $9,598. (The Township will be replacing the same systems in the meeting room, storage and office areas and the road garage at a cost of $4,177). Also, the Quarry Room in the lower level of the wood building has been renting at a phenomenal rate. Events are already booking for 2019. Visit for more information.

Zoning Updates: The Zoning Commission continues to work with Mark Majewski of Northstar Planning regarding text amendments to the Business Corridor. Language that changes the zoning text regarding properties in the area of Seasons Road is being sent to the Summit County Planning Commission for their review and comment. Once that is completed, the Zoning Commission can prepare a final draft and schedule a hearing. Increasingly, John Schneider the township Zoning Inspector, has been fielding more inquiries from businesses seeking to locate in the Business Corridor.

Peninsula JEDD: Steps are being completed to add two properties to the Boston Township-Peninsula JEDD. Once the two properties are added, then income tax can be collected for those working on the properties.

WEBSITE: Visit our Website at to find up-to-date Township information. Contact numbers for the Trustees: Amy Anderson: 330-657-2439, Randy Bergdorf: 330-655-5698, and Bill Clifton: 330-657-4032. Fiscal Officer: Catherine Anson at 330-657-2059; Road Department: Ron Adams: 330-657-2600; and Zoning Inspector: John Schneider at 330-657-2601 or 234-900-9145.