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October 6 is approaching quickly for our Peddler`s Day. This annual event was started years ago by Nina Alvis who was always coming up with new ideas for bringing people together in Peninsula. The torch was eventually passed to Peggy Jo Whitman and Mary Booth who are still at it making this event a success. What started as just a few residents doing their fall cleanout and selling their "junk" has morphed into a community wide sale with antiques, food, dried flower arrangements, and a lot of "stuff" from Main Street to Stine Road. Let`s not forget the folks on Center Street who keep this party going the whole day. So join the party, be a peddler, have some fun, and make a few $$. Again this year, volunteers will be assembling a map of every address in town that will be having a sale… but we need to know who you are!

If you plan to have a sale, please email Dee Holody AND Karen Walters (to make sure one of us catches it!) no later than October 1 and we will add you to the Peddler`s Map and provide a Peddler number marker for your yard. Email us to be on the Peddler`s Day Map! Dee: OR Karen: