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While the Pythons that were made and painted by the Chamber of Commerce were a nice addition to the Python Days in Peninsula, the NO PARKING SIGNS THAT WERE PUT UP ALONG NORTH LOCUST AND BRONSON STREETS CERTAINLY WERE NOT!

If the town creates special events like Python Days, Peddler`s Days, etc. then why are we choosing to come across as a very unfriendly town when it comes to parking?

On Thursday, July 19, I came home to my house on North Locust to find NO PARKING signs being put up along the road. Now, I understand that there have been issues of cars parking directly in front of someone`s driveway, and yes, those car owners should definitely be ticketed. However, if we expect people to attend our community events, then we must provide parking. I see nothing wrong with parking along ONE side of Locust or Bronson Streets as long as folks are far enough off the road for emergency vehicles to get through.

We often have parties and only four to six cars can fit in our driveway. I called and talked to the Police Chief and was told that when we do a party, to let him know and no tickets would be issued. Now I am grateful for this, but I still feel that parking on one side of the street should be allowed at all times so that when there is a special event going on in the community or at the school, folks can easily find parking. Couldn`t the NO PARKING signs on one side of Locust Street be covered during special city events and likewise, the signs in front of the school when needed?

Margo Snider