You want weapons?
We're in a library.
Books are the best
weapon in the world.
This room's the greatest
arsenal we could have.
Arm yourself!

Dr. Who
October 2018 VOLUME 35 NUMBER 10

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The township minutes are posted on our website at and outside the fiscal office at the Boston Township Hall. Trustee meetings are the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. Zoning commission meets the second Tuesday of the month and the Board of Zoning Appeals meets the fourth Wednesday of the month.

Road Department: The Boston Township Trustees are in the process of replacing the smaller of the two road plow trucks. The old truck was purchased in 2007 and has been having significant reliability issues. The old truck will ultimately be posted for an on-line auction sale. As you may have read, the area is having difficulty obtaining salt for the upcoming winter. We were able to guarantee an ample supply from Nordonia Landscaping this year. Our salt sheds are full and we are ready for winter. The township approved a contract with Peninsula for the provision of salt for the winter. There is a small ($3 per ton) fee charged for the loading of the salt. The contract was sent to the village for their approval. The Road Department will be out vacuuming leaves during the next few weeks. Please pile leaves close to the roadway, but not in the roadway.

Zoning Updates: Northstar Planning is working with the Zoning Commission to review the zoning for the Business Corridor which last saw major changes in 1996. Of special concern is focusing on impacts on the residential areas along the west side of Akron-Cleveland Road. The properties on the east side of Akron-Cleveland Road back up to Route 8, which may allow for different uses than on the west side.

Boston Township Bazaar: Once again the Trustees will be sponsoring the holiday bazaar. This year it will be held on December 1. We will be utilizing the main wood building, brick building, the township meeting room, as well as the road garage. Please call Amy at 330-657-2439 if you have any questions.

WEBSITE: Visit our Website at to find up-to-date Township information. Contact numbers for the Trustees: Amy Anderson: 330-657-2439, Randy Bergdorf: 330-655-5698, and Bill Clifton: 330-657-4032. Fiscal Officer: Catherine Anson at 330-657-2059; Road Department: Dave Krusinski at 330-657-2600; and Zoning Inspector: John Schneider at 330-657-2601 or 234-900-9145.