To acquire knowledge,
one must study;
but to acquire wisdom,
one must observe.

Marilyn vos Savant
April 2019 VOLUME 36 NUMBER 4

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The township minutes are posted on our website at and outside the fiscal office at the Boston Township Hall. Trustee meetings are the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. Zoning commission meets the second Tuesday of the month and the Board of Zoning Appeals meets the fourth Wednesday of the month.

Road Department: The village and the township continue to explore ways that the two communities can work together on road issues in the future. Ohio Revised Code section 505.90 allows for "agreements to provide maintenance, repair, and improvement of township and municipal roads located within the townships and municipal corporations." This is one possibility that is being explored. In light of recent high winds, there may be branches that came down in residents` yards. For both village and township residents, please place branches out near the curb and the road personnel will be around to pick them up. You may also call (330) 657-2600 and leave a message.

Zoning Updates: The Zoning Commission continues to work with Mark Majewski of NorthStar Planning regarding text amendments to the Business Corridor. The most recent draft was reviewed at the meeting held on April 9. It was voted to send the text to the Summit County Planning Commission for their review and comments. After their review, hearings can be scheduled for both the Zoning Commission and the Boston Township Trustees to review the revisions and receive public comment.

Tobacco 21: On April 15 Summit County Council passed an ordinance prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to those under age 21. This action by Summit County Council applies only to the nine townships in Summit County, including Boston.

Speedy Recovery, George!: The trustees wished a speedy recovery to former township trustee George Fisher, Jr. George served as a trustee from 1956 through 1989 (34 years!) and is the longest serving trustee in Boston Township history.

Welcome Peninsula Library!: The Trustees are pleased to host the Peninsula Library`s programs during the upcoming renovations. The township meeting room is usually used only during the evenings allowing it to be used during the daytime for the library.

WEBSITE: Visit our Website at to find up-to-date Township information. Contact numbers for the Trustees: Amy Anderson: 330-657-2439, Randy Bergdorf: 330-655-5698, and Bill Clifton: 330-657-4032. Fiscal Officer: Catherine Anson at 330-657-2059; Road Department: Dave Krusinski at 330-657-2600; and Zoning Inspector: John Schneider at 330-657-2601 or 234-900-9145.