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Following last month`s tribute to Lily Fleder I received many messages from our readers, some with their own stories. After emailing back and forth with Adam Fleder and with his blessing, I have decided to revive Lily`s column. It will begin with a story related from my dear friend, Edna Ratner. With her permission it is as follows: Lily was the first person in the village to speak with me. It was on a Fourth-of-July parade morning in 1959 or 60, and I was parked in the unfinished space across from the G.A.R. Hall in a station wagon with the back door down. I was sitting with Max`s Border Terrier named Whiskers, waiting for the parade, which would contain my Cub Scout son Seth. Lily was walking past and stopped to admire Whiskers. There was such an interested warmth that it made me have a welcomed feeling about the village, which has only grown with the years of experiencing others whom I`ve come to respect and enjoy. (You`re in that list, please know !) But Lily was my introduction to Peninsula. It couldn`t have been a better one. If you wish to share a Lily story, please forward it to me.

Many of you remember William Nemoyten, former band director at Boston High School and later Woodridge. Mr. Nemoyten has done several musical programs at the library and published The Shoemaker`s Dream, a Jewish American immigrant story. Copies are available at the Peninsula Library. Upon the passing of his wife, Mr. Nemoyten is living with his daughter in San Leandro, California.

Elaine Krusinski turned 80 on April 10, 2019. Family and friends celebrated at the Boston Township Hall.

David Hazelwood celebrated his 91st birthday on April 5, 2019.

Congratulations to Peninsula Police Officer Alan Jones and Jodi Meyer on their recent engagement.

As Lily did, this column will be a little of everything. Please forward anything you wish published to

Amy Anderson